About 75 people, an estimated 90 percent white, marched down Main Street in Bozeman, Montana, to protest racism and extreme police brutality on Saturday. As I followed along the route, I heard a woman tell her friend that the protest was dumb. A man made a joke implying that because so many of the protesters were white, their message lacked credibility. And another man, apparently thinking this was a protest against all police officers, leaned toward the open window on the passenger side of his pickup and yelled, “God bless law enforcement,” as he drove past.

Each of these people denied that racial injustice is a problem. They want to ignore the facts that tell us those with darker skin have fewer opportunities for financial security and more opportunities for oppression. I agree it’s a tough issue to face. It’s shameful and inflammatory. But ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away.

3 thoughts on “Racism

  1. Racism affects us all – even if we are not it’s intended “victims”. I applaud the peaceful demonstrations. Let’s hope for change.

  2. Well said. As one who grew up in Houston during days of Jim Crow laws, I am angered by the violence of some “so-called” demonstrators, who do not respect the bravery of peaceful civil rights protestors who put their lives on the line to march during the 1960’s. It underscores the need for better education on our country’s history, so we don’t keep repeating the bad parts.

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