Freedom and Justice

Wednesday, a federal judge declared Montana’s law against same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Thursday morning, several couples were at the Law and Justice Center here in Bozeman getting married. It was an honor to watch this latest step toward a more free, more just state and nation.


Patrick Donnelly, left, 34, and Ben Bahnsen, 32, were the first same-sex couple to be granted a marriage license in Gallatin County. Together three years, the couple makes their home in Bozeman. “We’re overjoyed we can finally, legally celebrate our marriage with out friends,” says Donnelly.




Stacey Haugland, left, 48, and Mary Leslie, 52, were the first same-sex couple to actually get married. Both couples were married by Nina Grey. The couple says they’ve been together 16 years, and were ceremonially married in 2003, but marrying legally was extremely important to them. “Marriage really does change things for the better,” says Leslie. “It really does transform things. It matters.”

5 thoughts on “Freedom and Justice

  1. Please remove my name from your mailing list. I do not approve of a judge being able to overturn a vote of the people of Montana. Do you call that justice also?

  2. Thank you for grabbing this photo. Stacey delivered my younger two boys, and our family has been rooting for her and Mary and all of the other same-sex couples we know to FINALLY see equality in Montana. SO wish I could’ve been there for the party!

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