Psalm 46


Psalm 46 reads in part, “Be still and know that I am God.”

I don’t think of myself as religious, though I have, at times, been a regular church-goer. Over the past year or so, the only times I find myself inside a church are when I’ve been asked to play trumpet for a service.

That was the case just before Thanksgiving when I was part of the music during a service at First Presbyterian here in Bozeman, where Jody McDevitt is co-pastor. That day, Jody gave a short sermon based on Psalm 46 and Luke 12:22-31. I took the two passages and the sermon to say that taking risks and being who we are is what we are made to do — and that by being still and by being who we are, we can be energized and focused and assured.

I believe in a universal, nurturing force for love, for good. I don’t care what people call that force — Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the Universe, Allah, Jehova, Love — that’s not what this post is about. Jody calls that force God. She says her message “is about resting in God….”

This rest is what I get from visiting the beautiful, quiet and still places that are so easy to find here in Montana. This stillness, this rest, is what I want to share with those who see my landscapes. I hope they energize, refresh, reassure.

According to a link a very dear friend sent me, following your calling — being who you are —  brings about mystical coincidences that support you with the things you need to follow this calling. I believe that’s true. And I believe moments spent in stillness, in rest, are what open us to finding our callings, to knowing who we are. These moments allow us to listen and be receptive to what it is we most desperately want to do with our lives.

This time of year can be the ultimate in crazy, and it’s ironically tied to a man who advocated this rest we’ve been talking about. A man who said not to worry, all of our needs will be met while we’re doing our work, being our true selves.

Let’s all try to find some time for reflection in the coming weeks. Let’s be still. Let’s rest.

I think it’ll do us good.


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