20130725093500-2Conrad Burns still has a gift for affability. And he keeps sharp with a group of buddies he meets for coffee every weekday morning near his home in Billings, where Scott McMillion and I found him one morning this past summer. McMillion wrote a wonderful profile of Conrad Burns in the fall issue of Montana Quarterly.


Burns spent 18 years as a Republican U. S. Senator from Montana and during that time he rankled more than a few feathers. But say what you like about Conrad’s conservative outlook, his Republican voting record and his “rustic mannerisms,” as McMillion calls them, Burns actually did a lot to protect Montana wild places.

20130725113945After Burns, now 78, lost to Democrat John Tester in 2006, he suffered a stroke in 2009 and spends a lot of his time in his Billings home, filled with plaques and pictures from his time in Washington…

20130725105136… and his wife of 43 years, Phyllis.

20130725094747But he’s still the same old Conrad.

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