Now that’s what I call a cow lick.

More accurately, it’s Eric Kutsch and his steer, Frodo, at the Gallatin County Fair here in Bozeman, Montana, recently. Eric, his brother Eli and sister Rosalyn are three of the many young farmers and ranchers who regularly participate in the Gallatin County Fair and fairs like it around the state and around the country. They spend months raising livestock then bring their steers, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, etc., to the fair to compete for prizes and even to sell the sheep, pigs and cattle during the auction at the fair. The proceeds from these sales often bring in hundreds, even thousands of dollars that the kids can use to fund their college careers.



The fair also brings in a carnival, where the more urban side of Montana comes out. All things considered, it’s a fantastic melting pot of cultures, a great representation of Montana’s agricultural roots and urban present.



Fair Collage 1



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