Badlands on the way home

Being from Chicago, I go back to visit my folks fairly often and I like to drive. This summer, my family and I spent a night in Badlands National Park in South Dakota along the way. It wasn’t our first visit to the park, but it was the most time we had spent there. A fabulous landscape, rich in story and geometry, it was a visual joy.










3 thoughts on “Badlands on the way home

  1. These are just amazing, When I lived up north I always planned to visit and camp there, but never did. These photos have inspired me to make a new plan to get there.

  2. Thanks, Sandie!

    Kirk, I’m from La Grange Park, a bit south of Glen Ellyn, I think, but not too far. Haven’t lived there for — yikes — nearly 30 years, but do get back fairly often. Nice to know of another Mid-Westerner making a home out West.

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