Just made it

On my way home from Jackson, Wyo., I was thrilled at the prospect of driving through Grand Teton National Park and through Yellowstone all in one day.

It was a busy Saturday, it was hot, and the sun was harsh. I drove for hours looking for something to shoot, but alas, nothing. I had completely given up, was trying to rationalize the thought of a professional photographer — the author of a book of Yellowstone photographs and one who makes money speaking in part about the beauty of Yellowstone — driving through not one, but two of the most photogenic national parks in the country, and coming up empty.

Then, literally in sight of the north entrance in Gardiner, Mont., I saw these two pictures in a place I had never photographed before. Whew!


One thought on “Just made it

  1. The smoke, which is generally unappreciated by one and all, was a gift to you in your first photo – silhouetted distance layering. Jane

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