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Kari Swenson has a story many already know: How as a young, promising biathlete in 1984, she was abducted by a father and son who called themselves mountain men and spirited off into the wilderness. How she was rescued only after a man had been killed and she had been shot in the chest, left chained to a tree.

But read Alan Kesselheim’s story in the winter issue of Montana Quarterly, and you’ll find out much more. You’ll read how two years of rehabilitation were necessary for Swenson to return to the top echelon of biathlon. How she’s now a respected veterinarian in the Bozeman, Montana, area. And how she is coaching young prospective biathletes as part of the Bridger Biathlon Club. And much, much more. It’s definitely worth a read.


Sabine Love is one of the members under Swenson’s tutelage.


Swenson leads a group up the Bohart Ranch ski course.


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