Odds And Ends and Thanks

Over the weekend, my pal Al Kesselheim and I were flattered to win the 2013 High Plains Best Art & Photography Book Award for Montana: Real Place, Real People.


The contest drew entries from publishers all over, including the really big names in New York, and it exists to recognize works which “examine and reflect life on the High Plains.” That includes Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas, as well as the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Many of you know that most of the work in this book was done for Montana Quarterly magazine, for which Al and I are both extremely grateful. And we’re also glad to continue to work for that great publication, now owned by our friend Scott McMillion.


And I’ve just finished posting the Four Corners of Montana series we were lucky enough to do for Sheila Habeck and Montana magazine’s September/October issue:


Then I come home to find the current issue of Sierra magazine in my mailbox, inside of which is a wonderful story about an Army veteran on an ice climbing trip in Hyalite Canyon that I shot last winter:




And I’ve also connected with some great commercial clients recently to do some fun and meaningful projects both in the recent past and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future.

It occurs to me how lucky I am to be working with such fine people on such wonderful projects that are appreciated in such wonderful ways.

I wish every one of you who’ve read this far (oh hell, even those who didn’t) as happy and fulfilling an existence. And to all of those who have made my existence so happy and fulfilling, thank you. What a wonderful thing you’ve done.

6 thoughts on “Odds And Ends and Thanks

  1. You are such a rock star. Can I get yer autograph the next time I see you? Oh. Wait. You already signed our copy of the book! Tee-hee! 🙂
    Seriously, you know I am very, very proud of you, right?

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