The Running Journey

Our daughter, Katie, has fortunately fallen in with a great group of kids. We were nervous thinking about her making the transition from the class of 14 she graduated the eighth grade with to her record class of 537 as she enters high school. But it has gone — so far, at least — exceptionally well.

And one of the things I credit most with this smooth transition is Katie’s decision to join the high school cross country team. The team met throughout the summer so she got to meet lots of new people easily, outside of the stresses that come along with school. And on top of that, it’s a fantastic group of people. Although the team is going for its sixth consecutive state title, they are welcoming and supportive to those who can barely run a mile without stopping.

Last weekend, we went to a race at a local ski area and I was impressed with the effort all of the kids put forth — from the fastest to the slowest. I think that speaks volumes about who they are and who they will become.

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