This Just In

At long last, a pile of books now takes the place of my car inside my garage.

We’re thrilled with the reproduction in these books and those of you who placed pre-orders will soon receive those copies, if you haven’t already.

If you want to know more about what’s in the book, see this post or check this page on my website.

There was a slight glitch in communicating with the printer so we are offering two versions of the book, a soft cover edition and a limited-edition, numbered hard cover. The hard cover was going to include a slip case, but those didn’t arrive so we’ve discounted the hard cover price down to $60 (the soft cover is still $29.95).

The hard cover edition is still really fancy and a great value at $60. It is sized and printed so well, it will work equally well on display on your coffee table or on your bookshelf. And each book is hand numbered and signed by both authors. We are only going to print 200 of these — ever — and they’re only available through Al and I. And probably a quarter of them are already gone, so if you’re interested in this collectable work, don’t wait too long.

Although the soft cover is or will soon be available in bookstores across the country, if you order through me, your book will be signed by both authors and shipped to your door.

You can order here if you want to use Paypal or your credit card. If you want to send me a check instead, let me know through the telephone (406.599.1101) or send me an email.


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