Angels With Four Feet

This is Buckaroo Sue Stone, 65, whom I photographed on the Crazy Cayuse Ranch near Powell, Wyo., back in early February.

Sue told me she was calving heifers on a ranch near Lewistown, Mont., in 2003 when she was attacked by one of the cows. The cow pinned Sue against a fence, broke eight of her ribs, punctured a lung, ruptured her spleen and put hairline fractures in her vertebrae before her dog Smokey raced in from a nearby pasture and attacked the heifer’s face until the cow backed off.

Smokey saved Sue’s life, but Sue still had to get up, get herself to the house and call herself an ambulance.

During a snowstorm.

And the ambulance’s brakes went out.

Sue made it to the hospital in Lewistown, spent four days in Intensive Care and was out working a herd of 350 cattle a month later.

“Sometimes,” she said, “angels have four feet.”

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