Into the Sunset

Monday will be my last day at Big Sky Publishing here in Bozeman, Mont.

I started in December 1999, worked for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle for nearly five years, then went to the newly-formed niche division in September 2004. There I authored two coffee-table books of photography, one on Bozeman’s historic architecture and one on Yellowstone National Park, filled up monthly inserts into the Chronicle that included a women’s magazine, an architecture magazine and a business journal, and helped to launch Montana Quarterly magazine, which first published in the summer of 2005.

It’s been a dream to photograph the wonderful places and people that make up this state — and to get paid for it, with benefits. And the people I’ve worked with have become great friends.

And now it’s time to move on. I’m nurturing three businesses now. There’s my commercial photography business which will continue and expand my work celebrating the rugged beauty of this place, there’s Montana Photography Workshops, which I founded with my friend and mentor Doug Loneman, and there’s GlowArtworks, an online art gallery I’ve founded with eight other artists from around the country.

I’m thrilled with the possibilities this move opens for me and for my family.

Stay tuned.

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