Full Circle

I found these horses while working in Circle, Mont., last summer, and it worked out that they made the cover of the summer issue of Montana Quarterly, on newsstands now or in the next few days. The story on Circle ran in the Fall 2010 issue. Here’s a few pictures from that story:

The horses belong to Maureen and Russell Curtiss, who work the ranch homesteaded by Maureen’s grandfather in 1905, who arrived here from Norway.

“This countryside,” Russell says, “you gotta like it to live here, and I like it.”

Maureen’s father was a rock mason who built the walls of the barns that stand still today, who encouraged her to develop a love for art that has continued through her life.


Jamie Maves, 8, comes to the Stockman Lanes about once a week to rollerskate around the rink set up over the five bowling lanes. Owner Bonnie Holbrook says they cover the lanes during the summer because bowling is more popular in winter.

Deputy Sheriff Marc Speer camer to Circle 26 years ago to work as the Circle chief of police. He held that job for 16 years, then became Under Sheriff and six years ago, was made deputy sheriff. He is originally from Conrad. “I moved here 26 years ago and never left,” he says. “It’s just a little country town out in the middle of nowhere.”

Mechanics take a coffee break at the Circle John Deere dealership.

“My platform was I was going to take crime out of the house and put it in the streets where we could keep an eye on it.  That didn’t go over very well,” says Orville Quick of his unsuccessful run for mayor Circle some years back.












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