Frank Dryman

When Frank Dryman was 19 years old, he killed a man near Shelby, Mont. That was 1951. He was sentenced to death, then commuted to life. In January 1969, he was granted parole.

A few years later, he stopped reporting to his parole officer and moved to Arizona City, Ariz., where he turned himself into Victor Houston.

Nearly 40 years passed before a private detective — hired by the grandson of the man Dryman killed — found Dryman by the tattoos on Dryman’s hands and turned him in.  At age 79, Dryman was returned to the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. He’ll come up before the parole board again when he’s 85.

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3 thoughts on “Frank Dryman

  1. My partner and I got to talk to Frank Dryman last week at Deerlodge Prison. Those tattoos on his hands meant so much more then anyone ever thought, and the reason he dissappeared in 1971 will be a story to be told!

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